Surflan® TURF & ORNAMENTAL products

Surflan T&O Products are a low-VOC, pre-emergent herbicides that keeps weeds out of sight by stopping them before they start growing.  And, when applied per label directions, Surflan can deliver all-season, extended residual control of many damaging weeds, such as barnyardgrass, foxtail, goosegrass, pigweed, purslane and lambsquarters.

Available in two formulations: Surflan AS Specialty is a water-based flowable. Surflan XL2GTM is a granular formulation of Surflan, enhanced with an additional active ingredient, for selective control of tougher to control weed & grass species.

Key Labeled Applications

Landscape Ornamentals

Field Grown Ornamentals

Ornamental Bulbs

Ground Covers

Christmas Tree Plantations

Non-Cropland (Surflan XL 2G)

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Labeled Weeds

State Registrations


Formulation / Pack Sizes